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Autumn Season 2021 of the Online Language Café


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Would you like to practice speaking in Spanish or Finnish in a relaxed atmosphere? Join in Maailmanvaihto’s Online Language Café!
During the autumn season of 2021, Maailmanvaihto’s Language Café meets in Zoom starting from the 9th of September every other Thursday at 17–18 p.m. The meeting dates are 9th Sept, 23rd Sept, 7th Oct, 21st Oct, 4th Nov, 18th Nov, 2nd Dec, and 16th Dec.
In each meeting, it is possible to practice Finnish and Spanish: at the beginning of the meetings, the participants will divide into two groups to discuss either in Finnish or in Spanish.
This autumn, the Language Café is targeted at those who already know the basics of Spanish or Finnish. You are welcome to join in and strengthen and share your language skills! We welcome to the Language Café both participants of Maailmanvaihto’s activities and others interested in joining in the Language Café.
The Language Café is free of charge, and you are welcome to participate in every meeting or join in once in a while. The Language Café is hosted by volunteers Isa and Chris. Isa created the Language Café for Maailmanvaihto as a part of their European Solidarity Corps volunteering period in Maailmanvaihto.
We wish to build in all Maailmanvaihto’s activities an atmosphere in which all participants can feel welcome as themselves. To support this, we will follow at the event Maailmanvaihto’s Safer space principles: https://maailmanvaihto.fi/en/guidelines-for-safer-spaces. The accessibility information of Zoom is available at https://explore.zoom.us/en/accessibility.
Sign up via e-mail at the address tiedottaja@maailmanvaihto.fi. We will e-mail you the link to the Zoom meetings.