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CitizensHack2022 offers you an amazing opportunity to solve your own and your community’s challenges together with real innovation experts & researchers.
Join the co-creation journey which will help your community to become a better place for everyone!

The CitizensHack2022 offers EU citizens an opportunity to work on their real-life problems in collaboration with researchers and contribute to creating a more inclusive society, prosperous local economy, and sustainable future.

Three winning teams will receive project support from Ultrahack, Eurocities, OI-Net and Aalto Startup in the EU network and academia and pitch their project in a virtual after-hack to gain access to present the solution at the EU level to get visibility among potential partners and investors!

This is your chance to work for a cause that is close to your heart!

In this CitizensHack2022 EU citizens are invited to work on their communities’ problems together with researchers to create concrete and sustainable solutions.

EU citizens working for their local community’s good is already a reality in dozens of EU communities. To get inspiration for your own project, you can get familiar with citizen-driven projects creating an impact in the EU:

Climate change: Citizens of Florence have been worried about the pollution of the city and the side-effects of the traffic in the historic center of the city. Citizens’ need for more climate-friendly means of mobility across the city has accelerated the city officials to take an initiative and work towards greater mobility with less pollution.

Societal: In Utrecht, citizens have been concerned about how to increase the inclusivity and integration of women refugees into society and how to make a safe space for them to reach out to everyday services. One of the problems has been the cultural differences in the directness of the communication and language skills. For this, the local community has joined forces and started to work for a safer and more inclusive community for refugee women.

Sustainability: In Barcelona, the citizens had a very unique and interesting approach to support a more sustainable way of living. They have experienced how poor time management effects their overall health & wellbeing, but also on the environment.