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Using cookies

What is a cookie?

These are tracking files which are placed on your device and read when you access a website, read an e-mail, and install or use software or mobile applications. These are used for all devices, including PCs, smartphones, digital tablets and games consoles connected to the internet.

The term "cookie" covers, for example :

     HTTP cookies;
     « flash » cookies;
     the result of « fingerprinting » (calculating a unique identity for a device based on its configuration, and used as a tracking tool) ;
     invisible pixels or « web bugs »;
     any other user ID generated by a software or operating system, for example.


Why does this site use cookies ?

This site may require the use of cookies for a number of reasons :

    Our technical cookies are essential for your browsing experience: These cookies are needed to preserve data relating to a user’s visit to the website, in order to guarantee him or her the best possible service.
    Our browser analysis cookies: These cookies allow us to create and gather information relating to how you use our site, such as: the number of visits, the pages viewed, the session duration, the reference sources, the searches made.

Cookies may be planted by third-party partner companies, for example to identify your interests and send you personalised offers. These “third-party” cookies are generated directly by the companies who create them, and who must also abide by data protection regulations.

This site may use various cookies, including on the mobile version.


How long are cookies stored for ?

The National Commission for Computers and Freedom recommends that the duration of consent for cookies be set at no more than 13 months. Past this time, consent will need to be asked again.

As a result, cookies have a life span of no more than 13 months from the time that they are first saved onto your device.


What are your options concerning cookies ?

Browser software settings

You can configure your browser software so that cookies are saved onto your device or are rejected, either systematically or according to the provider.
You can also configure your browser software so that you are asked whether you accept a cookie before it is saved onto your device.
How do you do this with your current browser ?
For cookie and preference management, each browser is configured differently. Information is available in your browser’s help menu, which will inform the User of how to modify their cookie preferences.
For Edge™:,
For Safari™: ,
Forr Chrome™: ,
For Firefox™: ,
For Opera™: ,

Using an online solution

You can also use an online cookie management platform at the following address:
You can opt to reject personalised adverts by using the tool provided by the website.
Cookies saved when you use “share” buttons are also included on this platform.

Need more information ?

If you’d like more information about cookies, please consult the CNIL website :