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FCM Youth Mobility Makers

FCM Youth Mobility Makers is a platform for mobility and international cooperation. This is designed to be an interface, through which young people and social organisations (and every other part of civil society) can interact, raise awareness and make young people’s mobility dreams a reality. All of the participants involved here are called “Makers”. This international mobility platform is managed by the CRIJ Hauts-de-France, conducted within the framework of the French National Program Investing for the Future and supported by the City of Lille.

FCM Youth Mobility Makers aims to be as accessible as possible to young people, while meeting their individual needs and addressing their specific situations. It’s created to use the power and energy of the incoming mobility by sharing knowledge, cultures and languages.

Through this platform, we want to make it easier for young people to interact and work together, providing a welcome and support to young people visiting the city, and those who wish to live an experience abroad.

The platform also promotes European and international mobility and a sense of shared citizenship through a series of events and activities aimed for young people at schools, social and community centres in our partner cities.

The platform brings together a number of associations and institutions focussing on young people, mobility, solidarity, environment, culture and sport. Our objective is to forge relationships and enhance the visibility of each establishment and each “Maker”, allowing them to find their own place while working together for a shared goal.

This platform is built on three key pillars:

Promoting dialogue, so young people can share their experience, provide valuable information and participate in events focussed on culture and solidarity.

Connecting people and services: housing young people in the community / inter-cultural conversations / language exchanges / discovering the area / 5-continent picnics, etc.

Developing our capacity to send and host young people in Europe and abroad, in particular through the "Flourishing international cooperation" programme.