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Have you lived an international experience? Publish your story, submit your projects, apply for mobility vacancies, become part of the network where everyone can share ideas, exchange good practices, learn from other people’s feedback... Become a Maker and help your peers live an adventure abroad too!
Do you represent an organisation? Support young people with their projects, submit mobility offers on the FCM platform, organise intercultural events, encourage international mobility... Become a Maker and help young people live an experience abroad!
Do you represent a host establishment or do you have an accomodation to rent for young people coming from abroad? Submit your housing offers on the FCM, host and learn from your guests, invite your friends and family to become Makers too... Become a Maker and facilitate international mobility of young people!
«  Whether you’re a young person, a host family, a host establishment or an association, you can become a Maker and encourage international mobility of young people »