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Lille, a European city With 28% of the population under 20 years old, or 307,000 people (source: INSEE), Lille and the greater urban area (the MEL) is one of the youngest cities in France. What’s more, the city opens its doors to almost 100,000 students every year. 16.2% of the city’s jobseekers are under 25.

In 2016, the MEL (the Greater Lille municipality) successfully bid for a project with the General Investment Commission (the Future Investments Programme). This was a partnership with the National Agency for Urban Renewal (the ANRU), with the theme of “Innovative projects for young people”. The programme submitted by the MEL was called “Investing in MEL’s youth” and aimed to promote greater inter-communal integration of the city’s local youth policies, strategies and measures.
Starting in 2017 and running for four years, “Investing in MEL’s youth” has been rolled out across the city and involves many people and organisations working with young people. The project is co-financed by the state, alongside 13 partner communes - including Lille and its associated local areas.

So what’s the objective? Innovating and experimenting in an effort to improve the services on offer to young people in and around the city.

As part of the city’s investment programme, the MEL is currently helping roll out more than 35 different actions, based on four key areas:
  • promoting professional integration and jobs,
  • encouraging local and international mobility,
  • promoting local youth integration and involving them in projects,
  • giving young people the digital support they need.
It was thanks to Lille’s investment programme that this mobility platform could become a reality.